Memories Journal Appp Case Study Design Project

About Memories Journal App: This project was a collaborative effort by a dedicated team of three, presenting a solution that seamlessly integrates consistent journaling with self-development features. Recognising the challenge people face in maintaining a regular journaling practice and discovering an app that seamlessly integrates self-development tools, Memories was designed to offer a comprehensive solution.

Problem: People struggle to stay consistent when journaling and to find an app that has Self development features as well as journal entries.

Solution: Memories allows users to do daily entries by sending notifications and has unique features such as question of the day and daily affirmations.

Roles: UX Research & UX Design

Tools: Figma, Figjam, Miro, Invision, Trello, Google Drive, Google Doc

User Research and Interview Plan

In the course of our research, we conducted a total of 15 interviews—comprising both qualitative and quantitative methodologies—to delve into individuals’ journaling practices. Our findings unveiled a common challenge: a significant number of participants struggle with both time constraints for journaling and the quest to discover a journal that truly aligns with their needs and preferences.

Interview Transcripts
I’m not consistent with journaling because I don’t have a space to do it more consistent and I can’t find a space that would give me what I want.
I would like to be more consistent in journaling but I always forget to journal, I would love if there was a reminder to prompt me to journal .
I journal to be able to have and reflect on memories, have something to look back at and to reflect on growth and life changes.
Empathy Map

Says: Journaling helps in making better decisions

Feel: I feel If they had easy access to journaling such as an app they would journal more

Does: Journal to keep a record of thoughts, dreams, reflections, emotions & goals

Thinks: Journal apps are  better than physical journal, because of its flexibility

User Persona

Sadie Bridges
Fashion Designer
London, UK

Bio: Sadie is a 26 year old fashion designer who likes to plan her day by journalling. She enjoys painting, reading and going to her monthly hiking trips with her friends. She sometimes forgets to journal and wants to be more consistent in her journalling. She also does daily affirmations to be more driven and to improve her self-esteem and self-love. Sadie enjoys doing daily journalling where she writes her goals and things she accomplished during her day.

Feature Priotization Matrix

Our users express a strong desire for personalized engagement and habit improvement. The top priorities for our app development include enabling Q&A sessions tailored to individual interests, empowering users to track and enhance their habits effectively. Users also value the ability to integrate multimedia elements, such as images and videos, into their journal entries for richer self-expression.

User Flow
Lo-Fi Wireframe
Usability Testing / Result Analysis
  • Add affirmation page at the start to capture users attention
  • Skip and Next button during onboarding being on the right side of the page
  • Add a section where you can write your own notes
  • Last arrow on the last entry page should have a different arrow or button to show this is the last stage of the journaling process.
  • Add a back button on the journal entry pages just in case the user wants to go back and make changes
  • Add a page that asks for your mood to tailor the quote of the day
  • Make it apparent where you can find previous entries
Hi-Fi Wireframe
Conclusion & Future Development
  • Adding more features to our user flow
  • Wireframes covering new features 
  • Doing more testing and improving our app 
  • Doing a trackers feature such as habit tracker etc
  • Add images and sounds to make the app more personal and relaxing 
  • Improve on colour scheme and colour contrast 
  • Change symbol and text sizes following guidelines
  • Add a meditation feature