KipFit Mobile App Design

┬áStay on top of your fitness journey with KIPFIT, the workout app that keeps you motivated by tracking routines and generating real-time stats. With diverse routine categories featuring customisable timers, KIPFIT ensures you’re always in sync with your workouts. Elevate your exercise experience today.

Designed in Figma

Design Goals
The KIPFIT UI design project showcases my expertise in UI design, encompassing style guides, wireframes, prototypes and UI animations. This comprehensive project is dedicated to illustrating my skill in creating a user-friendly app that seamlessly guides users through their workout routines while ensuring easy accessibility.
Style Guide

The visual identity of KIPFIT was carefully designed to perfectly harmonise with the app's objectives, attractive appealing colours that captivate users' attention, thoughtful typography, and expressive iconography.

Lo-Fi Wireframe

I created a simplified wireframe that outlines the core structure and user flow. This strategic approach prioritised user interactions, setting the stage for a seamless and intuitive app experience.

Hi-Fi Wireframe

I brought KIPFIT to life by creating a detailed high-fidelity wireframe and interactive prototype. This step refined design elements and user interactions, providing a concrete preview of the app's functionality and aesthetics.


Starting with a simple idea, the KIPFIT UI project has taken shape through careful planning, detailed wireframes, and a polished prototype. This journey highlights my commitment to making a user-friendly fitness app. The process of turning an idea into a functional reality underscores the importance of design, planning, and user feedback.